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Brotherly Love, Lance And Scotty Eliminate Scott To Keep Their Forbidden Love Secret

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Lance and Scotty are two brothers, they like to play and mess around like any other siblings. But they have strong feelings for each other, stronger than they ever thought would be possible due to their fraternal relation. There might be consequences, they could be prosecuted, but they don't care, they know what they feel for each other and they go for it. They kiss passionately to seal their feelings, mouth to mouth, closer than they have ever been, this is their moment, they forget about all their problems and possible consequences, they snog for what seems to be an eternity, and they would've remained that way, but Scott, who was visiting, found them in the middle of the act, which they denied, but Scott feels that he has to take action and says that he will tell their parents, they panic and in the rush Scotty jumps on top of Scott and puts him in a sleeper hold while Lance controls his legs, Scott is big, but he is no match against the two brothers. Once out they tie him up and work together to finish Scott with their very own hands, simultaneously they gar his neck and squeeze it, strangling their hot friend, they don't care about him, they just want to be together, at any cost. They kee squeezing until Scott drools and gives his last gasp. Their feelings will remain secret, no matter what.

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