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Twisted 10

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Rough Edges -- A young woman left hateful from a recent loss, decides to decree her own form of justice on those who shattered her world by hiring a resident Hit man to enact her twisted vengeance. / / / Hanging -- A botched robbery blamed on the driver who is forced to admit to what he did, as the surviving robber puts him through trial... and execution. / / / Poison -- Two organized criminals trying to smuggle drugs draw guns, but the problem is solved with a game of card, but how many bluffs can be pulled? / / / Shooting -- Thugs on the run finally find refuge in a suburban house, but the police are on their tail / / / Live feed -- A twisted director starts shooting his newest flick, with the star being forced to act out brutal killings on other contestants in this gladiatorial snuff film. / / / Stabbing -- In a war zone, two separated marines search for a hidden foe who strikes with lightning speed. / / / Strangulation Garage -- A violent thug humiliates and tortures an innocent man. / / / Strangulation -- A social reject attempts to befriend a stranger but the initial rejection drives him to depravity. / / / The Next Morning -- A violent ex pushed to extremes, decides to enact cruel vengeance and viciously murders the new boy on the scene. / / / Premonition -- Boareades Film & GMT presents Premonition, a story of a amateur writer with everything to live for until his story begins to come off the pages and into his world. After writing about a killer in a white mask suffocating a young man exactly that happens to the author. Is he penning his own demise or does he have a window into the future. Featuring scenes of intense violence,strangulation and suffocation. / / / Masques -- Another chilling tale from Boareades Film & GMT. A young bachelor goes about his day to day life till a masked killer appears in his apartment. But things get even stranger when his killer keeps appearing randomly to torment his pray. it becomes a game of cat and mouse. / / / Filmwerks -- Mikel Swinefort has just graduated from the university of film and broadcast, Coming to America to study true cinema this is his dream. *From the director* **Hello I am Mikel Swinefort, I am here in America to study American cinema. In Germany we like lots of scary movies But theirs no violence. No blood, No guts. And that is why I am here to study American Cinema, And to make my first film in honor of American cinema I call it Filmwerks! Its full of blood and sex and violence..You will love it!** / / / Survival Camp Sneak peak -- A sneak peak at the upcoming survival horror epic Survival Camp. A lost prisoner try to escape his captor in the thick jungle, unarmed and still shell shock from months of time spent in a POW camp he is hunted like a animal toyed with. The hunter plays with his mind toying with his fear. Until he attacks but this wont be a slow death the hunter wants his pray to suffer. Featuring intense strangulation and a ending you wont want to miss.

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