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Twisted 9

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R Productive Presents Netherlands film maker Ruwan Heggelman: Four Deaths - - A chilling tale of four men bound and tied in an unfamiliar location trying to survie the night at the hands of a sadistic clown. As an added bonus we present HetKnoopje and Huisarrest two short films that are sure to please fans. / / / / From the vaults of Gorball Films and film maker Nolan Ball come two lost films presented here for the first time: Twisted Kinda Love - - A suburban tale of lust and deceit. A women home alone suspects her boyfriend of cheating. When her mind begins to wander her insanity unravels and jealousy turns to murder. / / / / Elevator - - Featuring Emery Ball star of TORMENTED and WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU? A man inside a malfunctioning elevator ends up taking the ride of his life when he keeps reliving the same moments over and over, each time resulting in his untimely death. A tale that will have you guessing to the bitter end. / / / / From Bruno Garcia of BRV films:Bad Loser - - A friendly game between rivals turns violent when the losers can't handle defeat. Featuring BRV E's patented style of balls to the wall action. Sure to have every fan's adrenaline pumping. / / / / Bu - Ali Naqvi's: That's What You Get - - A trusting young man is lured on to a webcam by his manipulative girlfriend. Once online he is tricked into downing a poisoned drink by the girl and her mysterious accomplice. A slow poisoning scene will have you on the edge of your seat until the bitter end. / / / / Untold Horror Presents: Blood Mask - - A cursed welder's mask turns a teen prankster into a raging killer, stalking and killing his friends one by one – until the mask turns on him. / / / / Directed by Bryan Roberts and written by Trevor Wright: Door To Door - - A disgruntled door to door salesman turns psychotic when yet another customer slams the door in his face. What follows is one customer's fight for survival against a salesmen who wants to prove that all sales are final. / / / / Screamkings Presents: Daddy's Little Girl - - A doting father (Marv Blauvelt of Beef and Sculpture fame) simply wants his teenage daughter to be happy. But when she consistently brings home bad boyfriend after bad boyfriend, the father takes it upon himself to weed out the losers in various gory fashion. Featuring an ending so bizarre you won't believe your eyes. A real gem for Screamkings fans! / / / / Unit 13 - - A rogue Marine is captured by Mercenaries and tortured (by way of screwdriver gouging, electrocution, etc.) for information, resulting in his death. But the tables turn when he returns from the dead to exact his revenge in horribly brutal fashion.

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