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Adam And Scotty Make An Extreme Choking Viral Video

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Adam has an idea, sets a camera and calls in Scotty, he tells him about a viral video of some guys choking each other, and he tells Scotty that they can do it even better. Scotty laughs it off, but when he sees that Adam is serious he thinks about it and with some hesitation he agrees to be part of it. They go through several rounds where they choke and strangle each other, using their hands, their arms, pinning each other down; they gasp and choke, but both of them take it all with all their strength. Raw, extreme, rough, and really choking each other, squeezing their necks aiming to crush their throats, to the point where they get a red face and watery eyes. When Scotty tells Adam that it was enough, he wants to go for a final round, but he wants to make it count; he puts Scotty in a sleeperhold, he chokes him and flexes his biceps, closing Scotty's air supply, when the young guy taps, giving him the signal to let him go, the hunk doesn't lose his hold, quite the contrary, he flexes more, choking Scotty even more; Scotty taps forcefully, tries to pull Adam's arm off of his neck, but with no avail, he coughs and gasps as he runs out of air until his body goes limp in Adam's arms, happy, Adam lays him down and brings the camera closer to show his knocked out friend...but is he just knocked out or....

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