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Alexis Breaks In To Rob A Jock, But Ends Up Strangling Him To Death

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Thinking that it was empty, Alexis brakes into a house to get anything he could get his hands on, he explores the places and packs some things, but he discovers that the owner of the places was still there, a jock who was taking a shower and now he was about to discover Alexis in the middle of the act, but the young thieve hides and waits for his moment to attack, when he sees his opportunity he puts the jock in a sleeperhold, he gasps and trashes around, but Alexis caught him with his guard low and manages to knock him out. Alexis takes the chance to pack some more things, but he realises that the jock saw his face and he couldn't leave any witnesses...he takes out a rope from his bag and wraps it tightly around the jock's neck by the time he was coming around, the jock gets panicked and tries to take the rope off of his neck, but it is digging deep into his throat and he finds it more and more difficult to breathe as Alexis keeps pulling the rope tighter by the second until the jock struggles less and less and finally dies, now Alexis can leave knowing the he covered well his tracks.

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