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BF's Works Out And Crushes Adam's Neck

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Adam is waiting his turn to use the shower and he goes to BF's room to wait for him to be finished and he finds some straps that he recognizes as a neck flexor, he's always admired BF's thick neck and he takes the chance to stretch, flex and work out his neck with BF's apparatus; BF comes out fo the shower and he is pissed seeing his roommate using his stuff without permission, Adam tell him that he wants a neck thick and strong like his, and BF tells him that he has a special work out for him, the hunky guy excited agrees to follow BF's instructions.  BF positions him in front of him, puts his arm around Adam's neck and squeezes with all his might, Adam panics, chokes and tries to free himself but BF is squeezing him so had that he can barely say a word, but BF has more stored for him, he lays him down and sits on top of him, wrapping his hands around his throat and closing his grip around it. BF keeps choking Adam with his arms and hands until he thinks that it's been a good work out already and pins him down one last time, with his hands around Adam's neck, squeezing and crushing the young guys windpipe; Adam tries to beg and push the muscles guy off of him, but he es to weak now and slowly hie dies in the hands of his crazed roommate.

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