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Blue Garrote Strangler - Adam Molests And Strangles The Thick Neck Of His Personal Trainer BF

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Adam wants to push himself more and hires a personal trainer to help him, BF shows up and he has a training plan in mind, he takes off his jacket and tells Adam to warm up; while he was stretching, Adam couldn't help to notice BF's big, thick and muscular neck, with an adam's apple to match, but Adam tries to dismiss it and focus on the exercises instead; everything goes well until BF pulls out a training cable and puts it in Adam's hands, a blue, gorgeous and strong cable, begging to be used. Adam can't control himself anymore and sleepers BF with some difficulty, but at the end he knocks out the hunky guy; once out he pokes, massages and plays with BF's neck, his adam's apple and trachea. When BF starts to come around Adam places the cable around his neck and waits for him to wake up a little more before he tightens the cable closing BF's air supply, BF chokes and tries to pull the killing cable off of his neck, but he is still dizzy due to the previous knock out and the lack of air in his lunges does not help him to resist until finally he stops breathing for good. At least Adam got his workout!

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