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Blue Garrote Strangler - Charlie Comes For A Physical, But His Neck Is Molested And Strangled Instead

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Physician Kevin is in a hurry, he has to go but he still has one more patient to check, so he calls his co-worker Adam, who agrees to help him, Kevin thanks him and he even lends him his stethoscope so that Adam doesn't have to go back and pick his, a bright blue stethoscope which brings Adam to a mental place where he hesitates, but he manages to control himself and attends the patient. After several standard tests Adam tells his patient Charlie that he is healthy and good to go, but Charlie tells him that he's been having some issues with his heart and neck, without instructed, Charlie opens up his shirt to be examined, exposing his throat which Adam can't stop staring at, he takes that blue stethoscope and the urges grow in him, as he examines Charlie he touches and squeezes a bit rough his neck which freaks Charlie out and disposes to leave, but Adam takes out a needle and injects Charlie knicking him out instantly. Adam takes off Charlie's shirt and touches his neck all over, his adam's apple, his collar bone, the muscles of the young, healthy and strong guy who is now knocked out. He pinches and squeezes his adam's apple, plays with his trachea and massages his slender throat until he starts to come around. Adam takes the blue stethoscope and wraps it around Charlie's neck while he is still groggy; Charlie recovers more and more his senses, but by the time he is fully conscious the garrote around his neck is so tight that he can't pull it off, he tries to swallow but he can't as the garrote digs deep into his neck, constricting and killing him by the second, he begs and trashes, but Adam doesn't lose the garrote, he tightens it more instead and pulls back until he hears the last gasp of his patient.

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