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Double Murder, Alexis by Ray and Ray by Dino, Knockout, Stripping And Strangles

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Ray tricks Alexis pretending he is a towel boy and chloroforms him unconscious, he drags Alexis to the bed where he proceeds to do his intended deed, he slowly takes all of Alexis's clothes off of him leaving him naked, Alexis wakes up and he demands to know what is going on, but as a response Ray jumps over Alexis and wraps his hands around his neck tightening his grip, closing his windpipe, Alexis chokes and weakens and the vice grip of Ray drains the life out of his body until he finally expires; Ray happy with his actions starts to leave but he is ambushed by Dino who strangles him with a cord, both fall to the bed where Ray tries to fight back but he can't do anything against the bigger and stronger attacker and dies as well, Dino strips naked his own victim and places him besides Alexis's corpse, now that is a view that pleases Dino, who leaves both of the naked bodies on the bed.

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