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Four Young Thugs Shot Dead While Trying To Escape


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Three work men are complaining in the back of a construction project about the heat from the welder. They are all forced to strip down as a result, they continue to complain and are unaware of a leather clad hunk who steps in through the back entrance. He raises a submachine gun and fires a shot in the air, the construction team look at him and then begin to try to escape. One of them runs for the door and as he struggles to open it he is peppered with bullets. He slips to the ground dead, his shirtless body scattered with bullet holes. The killer moves on to the second victim, he pleads with the leather hulk as he cowers but he is sprayed with bullets too and collapses heavily to the ground, he takes some final strained breaths and dies in a twisted mess. The killer sees his final victim hiding in a corner and again, relentlessly guns him down. He has killed all three but suddenly another runs past the window, the killer raises a large 45. magnum and blasts the final teen worker in the chest sending him flying into the wall. He looks down as he bleeds out and collapses to the ground in shock. The killer walks away from the scene leaving behind a violent massacre of four innocent teens.

Length: 3:04

Method: Bloody , Shooting


Character: Criminal , Teen

Location: Work Place

Wardrobe: Shirtless

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All models were 18 and over at the time of the creation of such depictions

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