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Gladiator Tied With His Hands Above His Head Is Stabbed In The Navel

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A young gladiator who refused to fight is tied and tortured by his former mentor. A blade is slowly brought over his body, scanning for a place to stab. The young victim pleads with his captor and eventually realises he is doomed, the blade stops at his navel and is rammed viciously into the victim. He lets out a pained gasp and splutters loudly, his eyes rolls back into his head and the intense pain overcomes him. He hangs from his shackles and twists his head and body to try and break free but each movement causes the blade to dig deeper into his gut. He becomes weak, dazed and tired. His face droops and he begins to drool as the blade is slowly forced into his navel. He slips into death, his head hanging forward and his eyes wide. His final expression one of pain and suffering as drool oozes from his mouth and his vacant eyes stare into nothingness.

Length: 3:28

Method: Bloody , Bondage , Stabbing

Actors: Jon

Character: Gladiator

Location: Other

Wardrobe: Leather , Shirtless

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All models were 18 and over at the time of the creation of such depictions

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