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Guy Undresses For His Date And Then Gets Strangled Then Stabbed By A Burglar

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Good looking underwear wearing victim strangled, Chest-stabbed and Gut-stabbed. This handsome young guy calls his girlfriend and asks her to come over, that he is going to be undressed and waiting for her in bed. "Get off the phone and get over here." he urges her and hangs up. Soon he is settled down in the bed waiting. He hears something and raises up to listen but soon settles back down to wait. In a flash, he is in the struggle of his life as the burglar has a garrote around his throat and he thrashes around in the bed in a desperate attempt to escape the killer as he is weakened by the choking band. Soon the burglar produces a knife and slowly lowers it until it is just over the doomed victim's chest, and slowly boring in until it reaches the hilt. When the killer yanks the blade from the nearly naked victim's chest, he plunges it to the hilt in his unprotected belly as the horrified victim reacts one last time before falling limp on the bed.

Length: 8:01

Method: Bloody , Stabbing , Strangulation , Strangulation - Cord



Location: Home

Wardrobe: Barefoot , Shirtless , Underwear

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All models were 18 and over at the time of the creation of such depictions

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