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Guz Hypnotizes Oscar To Choke Him Until He Turns Purple

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Oscar and Guz are cuddling a bit before going to sleep, but Guz wants to try soemting new with his lover, he wraps his hands around Oscar's slim neck and starts to choke him, Oscar panics as this is not what he had it mind, he chokes and pushes Guz off, he gasps recovering his breath so Guz proposes him to choke him instead, but Oscar is so mad that he just want to got to sleep...when he is in a deep sleep, Guz whispers to his ear, commanding him to choke him, and not to stop until he tells him to; Oscar wakes up put Guz in position, surounds his neck with both hands and start to choke him; his lover gasps, chokes and fight back for a moment until he tell him to stop, the thrill and rush that he felt had no comparison so he tells him to do it more times and even harder each time, Guz is about to tell him to stop but Oscar tightens his grip making him impossible to utter any word or comand, he panics, trying to push him off and trying to get his hands off of his neck, but he has a death grip aroind his neck which he tightens by the second, Guz can't sleep and his face changes color, as he can't get any more air, until he slowly goes limp, and yet, Oscar doesn't snap out of the trance and he keeps his tight grip around his neck.

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