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Invader Adam Knocks Out And Strangles Alexis With his Bare Hands

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Adam brakes into Alexis' house searching for a safe, but Alexis hears the noise and comes out to investigate, when he sees Adam he launches against him and puts him in a sleeperhold; Alexis demands an explanation but Adam can barely speak due to the pressure that he putting around his neck, but then he pulls Alexis forward and sleepers him for a moment to control him before pulling out a rag with chloroform and put him to sleep; once out, Adam ties up Alexis to a chair and waits for the young guy to come around. When Alexis wakes up Adam asks him where the safe is, but Alexis refuses to answer, knowing that he won't speak with that attitude, Adam proceeds to wrap his hands around his neck and strangles him, pushing his adam's apple and crushing his throat, Alexis gasps, chokes and begs for his life, Adam lets him go, giving him another chance to tell him the info that he is looking for, Alexis admits that he has the wrong guy and that there is no safe there. Upset, Adam grabs his throat again and squeezes harder and harder, making Alexis gasp as his air supply is constricted by the second; the invader keeps squeezing until he hears Alexis' windpipe brake beneath his fingers.

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