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Jersey Shore Pool Boys Double Strangle Version One

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Two Jersey guys head outside for a poolside hangout, they both sit down by the pool and remove their clothes — taking off their shirts, shoes and tossing their socks aside. They flex their bare bodies and make themselves comfortable. A young girl comes out and asks them if they want drinks, she leaves the scene and goes to grab the two hunks a drink or two. Two twin killers arrive on the scene and assault the two teens, they wrap cords around the necks of their victims and throttle them. They both struggle violently and try to overpower their killers, they twist and contort their bare bodies in hope of escape. Their bare feet grip the ground as they try to lift themselves away, they begin to suffocate, unable to escape. The killers continue their vicious attack and finish their young victim's. The two teens are dazed and short of breath, their throats crushed and they begin to slide into death. The two young corpses sit, twisted, in their seats. The girl from earlier returns unaware and sees the bodies — she drops the drinks and screams at the horrific dual murder in front of her.

Length: 4:23

Method: Strangulation , Strangulation - Cord


Character: Teen

Location: Outdoors , Water

Wardrobe: Barefoot , Shirtless

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