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KT You Can't Kill What Won't Die


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KT is here in the first full short film starring this hot shot. KT is in the woods with a combat knife, he is hiding from someone. Suddenly his assailant appears and strikes KT with a chloroform rag. He puts it over his mouth quickly, KT reacts in shock and drops his knife. He is choked out in the arms of his killer and his limp body is carried away and placed on a chair. KT is threatened and taunted by his attacker who eventually explodes and strangles KT with a tight cord in a fit of rage. He chokes KT until he cannot breathe, slowly KT passes out and seems to be dead. The killer then cuts KT's foot and he twitches, he is still alive. The killer forces KT at gun point to remove his clothes completely. He sits naked and suddenly a cord is wrapped around his neck and he is brutally strangled. He passes out again, falling to the floor in a dazed state. The killer threatens to mutilate KT and then rams his combat knife into KT's stomach, he writhes around naked on the floor with the knife sticking out of his gut. The killer removes the knife and watches as KT stumbles into the corner. The killer has enough, he shoots KT several times and he dies naked on the floor with his legs spread wide. The killer relaxes after but KT will not die, he attacks his killer from behind with a cord and strangles him until he dies. The killer awakens again, to see KT standing over him with his gun, he taunts him and finishes off his cruel murderer, watching him slowly die from the gunshot wounds.

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