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Leather Clad Biker Strangles Innocent College Kid

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We come in on this student as he talks with his girlfriend, trying to set up a hot date with a promise of getting down and dirty with some rough sex. While he is talking, we see someone come up behind him wearing a leather jacket and carrying a white rope in his hands. He growls a low "Guess who??" just as he wraps the rope around the victim's throat and quickly straddles the face down figure on his bed, pulling the rope tight around his throat. The struggling victim tries his best to turn around and pound on his attacker but the killer holds him in place despite the kicking and thrashing victim's strength. Pulling the victim tight to his torso, he wraps his legs around the victim to hold him in place, smiling confidently at the fight his victim is putting up, enjoying the thrill of the battle. As the end nears, the victim weakens and pauses for longer between his violent attempts to fight back, the killer intensifies his hold on the victim until at last, the victim goes limp in his tightly clamped body hold. Pausing only long enough to have a short "conversation" ( using the victim like a ventriloquist dummy) with the dead student, the killer works his way out from under the body, leaving him sprawled out on the bed, and leaves.

Length: 9:47

Method: Strangulation , Strangulation - Cord


Character: Teen


Wardrobe: Leather , Shirtless , Socks

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