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Masseur Adam Gets Obsessed And Tortures Scotty's Belly Button

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Scotty hasn't been feeling well and he goes to massage therapy, with a cropped top, the masseur Adam spotted his navel right away, and he couldn't stop looking at it. Adam starts wiping away some sweat, but that just increased his obsession; he proceeds to clean his navel and basically pinch it with a cotton bud and some tweezers; Scotty is rather uncomfortable with all his actions and even in pain, when he's about to give up, Adam proceeds to add some oil and massage his stomach, from the belly button and outwards, even touching and poking Scotty's navel with his fingers, which surprisingly relaxes the young guy, but when things seem to be going well for Scotty, the masseur can't contain himself anymore, brings together both of his hands in a big fist and punches Scotty right in the belly button; Scotty tries to go away, but Adam holds him back and delivers a series of quick but powerful punches, alternating the back of one hand and the fist of the other, Scotty can't fight it and falls unconscious. When he wakes up he is tied up in a vulnerable position, with Adam getting a bow and arrow ready and pointed towards his belly button, Scott can't do anything but suffer when the arrow pierces his navel and Adam pushes it even further until Scotty goes almost passes out due to the pain; Adam is not finished and he starts to untie him to move on to another torture, but Scotty notices that Adam's navel is right in front of the arrow's shaft and hugs him with all his might, piercing the masseur with the arrow as well, both fall to the floor where Adam gives one last push to the arrow before dropping dead, Scotty tries to resist, but he has suffered a lot and eventually he dies as well.

Length: 21:15

Method: Bondage , Gut Punching , Stabbing

Actors: Adam , Scotty

Character: Model , Teen , Twisted

Location: Home

Wardrobe: Shirtless

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