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Adrian Is Chloroformed And Strangled Repeatedly In His Tights

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Adrian comes back from a jog, but Scotty was already expecting him with a rag with chloroform and without warning he jumps over Adrian and puts the rag over his mouth and nose, Adrian struggles and kicks with his tights, but he gets weaker and weaker; Scotty doesn't want it to end so quickly though, he wants to play with him, so he lets him go before he goes completely out, Adrian is groggy and he tries to crawl away, but that amuses Scotty who keeps playing with the young teen a couple more times when he decides that he needs to do something different and knocks him out completely. Once out, Scotty drags him to the bed, where he waits for Adrian to come around, Adrian is still weak and questions his actions, Scotty just laughs and tells him that it is just for fun while he wraps his hands around his neck, Adrian chokes and tries to take Scotty's killer hands off of his neck with no vail, he feels light headed and that he is fading aways, but Scotty won't let go of this new game so easy, he lets go Adrian to let him breath, but just for a moment, alternating between a sleeperhold and a frontal hand choke, Scotty literally plays with Adrian's life, but it is getting too late, and Scotty has more stuff to do, so he finally puts Scotty in a sleeperhold, this time with the aim to end it all; Adrian kicks and tries to free himself, but he is way too weak at this point and slowly but certain fades away from this life.

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