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Alexis' Roommate Practices His Deadly Wrestling Moves On Him

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A hot jock is at home and he is practicing his wrestling moves by himself, Alexis comes in and tells him that he looks silly doing that, his roommate tells him that the gyms are closed for the day but he needs to practice. He has an idea and asks Alexis to practice with him, a bit reluctant, Alexis agrees, the first move that he practices is the arm bar, Alexis moans in pain as soon as he is put into it, then he tries to apply it to his roommate but ineffectively, the jock shows it again to Alexis, who once again shouts and protests saying that it hurts a lot, the next move he shows the young guy is the sleeperhold, Alexis tries to apply it, but he does it wrong, the jock shows him how and he applies it the right way, making Alexis choke and gasp, he struggles as he feels the air being chokes out of his body, but before he is knocked out, his roommate releases him, Alexis wants to quit but his roommate asks him to try one las move, and that he will be careful...he wraps Alexis in his legs applying his favorite move, the scissors hold, Alexis gasps and tries to scream, but he can't due to the pressure on his abdomen, choking him, unable to move or fight, he begs and moans, but the jock is in the zone and he will not stop now, eventually Alexis struggles less until he stops moving and breathing.

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