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Best Deaths Volume 2

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Best Deaths Volume Two features: / Database:Andrew is a computer programmer who holds some very database codes. Two former 'friends' show up one day to steal Andrews codes. But it all goes wrong when the two men push him over the edge. This short film features violent strangulation, intense Stomach stabbing, drowning and much more. But above all, these two intruders soon learn they should not have messed with Andrew's shirt. / Camp Stabbing Death: A promotional piece from the feature film Survival Camp starring Troy Andersen (Camp Slaughter), acting out an intense stabbing death. / Best Deaths Audition Footage: A young man awakes tied and bound on the edge of his bed he doesn't know how he got there or why. All he knows is the killer is someone who has it out for him, but he doesn't think he have the guts to kill him. He pushes the killer more and more until he finally snaps. / Body Builder Strangulation: A short art piece featuring actors from the feature film, Sculpture. A mysterious belly dancer holds two body builders in a hypnotic trance as she seduces them. Eventually her seduction turns violent as she strangles them both to death. / Nikkis World Version Three: Nikki's world returns with a manipulated puppet of a boyfriend waits outside for Nikki to show for a night on the town but when she says she is running late the boyfriends imagination starts to wonder and he imagines the possibility of other men in her life and that sets off his rage, he thinks about viciously killing the other men in her life. With a twist ending featuring violent death. If your a fan of the first two shorts then the third will definitely not let you down. Nikki's twisted love triangle continues. / August 26th: Two spoiled suburban teens lay sitting around their hot and stuffy house without air conditioning and noting on TV but women's tennis. Their annoying cousin calls to invite them over for a summer cook out by the pool. With a mysterious masked man on the loose, all they have to do is stay alive long enough to enjoy the BBQ. One by one the masked man hunts down the teens and puts an end to their fun in the sun. / Cugino: When uncle Frank sends the boys out for simple hit things couldn't be easier but when the nephews decide to give the hit to their incapable cousin Johnny, things are always bound to go wrong. When the cousin find out Johnny whacked the wrong guy they are anything but happy and tell him he cant get rid of the body and kill the right guy by the time the sun comes up he's next. Well, it just so happens that Johnny isn't as dumb as he seems when he takes action against the two mobsters and decides that he could do a better job running the family business on his own. / Unit 13 Part Two: In a remote location where untrustworthy solders are sent to be integrated and tortured for information. A Sgt. must try and get secret information from a private that has been trading secrets with the enemy. The Sgt. tries intimidation and threatening the private but he wont give up the information. Feeling pressure from his commanding officer, the Sgt. throws the prisoner in the box with the intention of leaving him there without food or water until he's begging to be let free. But the prisoner has alternative motives and doesn't plan on going out without a fight. / Pool Drowning: On a hot a sunny day pool side an unsuspecting life guard is ready to call it a day and close the pool. But when a lone swimmer with a attitude problem shows up and insists he's going to swim no matter what the life guard has to say. When the life guard is threatened he tries to fight back but the question is: who will come out of the pool alive?

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