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Best Deaths Volume 3

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The third installment in the Best Deaths series. These are short films featuring young and talented actors striving to act out the best screen deaths possible... / / Eat Your Shirt: A group of freshmen want to join an exclusive campus fraternity. But when the pledge master drugs their beers with something to remove their inhibitions, all hell breaks loose. This film features intense fighting scenes, stabbings, strangulations, drownings, head smashings and other disturbing images of violence and death. / / Bucky The Clown: BUCKY the clown has always been the punch line of the joke until now. A group of young teens home alone and board decide to have some fun with the local clown Bucky and call him up with the intention of playing a trick on him when he arrives. But the jokes on the teens when the clown's blood lust takes over and he goes on a killing spree in the house viciously killing the teens one by one till he has a audience that will be quite when he performs. / / Clive: When the nightmares become to much Clive knows what he has to do, Get vengeance on the ones who have taken advantage of him and treated him like a fool. Selling term papers to rich kids couldn't have been any easier. Some here writes him self some he buys from a genius freshman. But his clients are not as thankful to be buying there way through university and they start wanting more from Clive till he finally snaps and the end result is a +A in torture and violence. / / Bedroom Masked Killer Strangulation: After a long day at work this young man just wants to have a shower kick his socks off and relax with a nice box till his girlfriend comes home, But instead he falls victim to a home invasion of a masked strangler. Featuring prolonged death at the hands of a perverted strangler. / / hammer beating: A disturbing study in torture and death. A young Man is tied to a chair and interrogated. When he won't talk his captor goes to work on him trying to get him to talk ... using a hammer for persuation. / / Double Strangulation: Two teenage boys sit at home relaxing and studying, unknowing that soon there peaceful lives will be turned upside down by a psychotic masked killer out for blood. A killer sneaks into their home and chloroforms them, then ties them up, and slowly strangles them to death. / / Electrocution and Strangulation: A man is held captive by a depraved serial killer hell bent on torturing for sick pleasure. Praying on his victims physical and emotional feelings, the killer electrocutes the victim over and over. The torture doesn't stop and the attacks become more violent, until death is the only possible outcome. But in this twisted video, the torture doesn't stop until the killer becomes the innocent victim as well. / / Brothers: After his younger brother goes behind his back and tells his girlfriend that he's been cheating on her, the oldest brother takes revenge on his two siblings and gets even by killing them both. He surprises one with a tight rope around the neck and strangles the life out of him. The youngest of the brothers gets what he deserves when his older brother beats him up and crushes his throat. Not able to live with the guilt of killing the only family he has left, the oldest brother takes his own life and hangs himself. / / Handy Man Hanging: Well working on a job site day after day doing the same sole crushing job this Handyman has had enough and decided s the quick's and easy way out is to hang him self on the job. What was suppose to be quick and painless turns into a long drawn out hanging that will have its victim wishing he would have tried something a little quicker.

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All models were 18 and over at the time of the creation of such depictions

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