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BF Confronts Burglar Adam But Gets Stabbed In His Muscular Torso

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Adam invades BF's apartment, he tries to be quiet as he looks around and moves things, but he is not quite enough as BF hears the shuffling and goes to investigate, when he finds Adam looking around and touching his stuff, he gets pissed and doesn't think it twice to go against the young guy wrapping his hands around his neck and squeezing so hard that he doesn't let him explain himself or even beg. Adam can feel his throat being crushed as BF squeezes and tries to lift him from the floor, he chokes and tries to break free, but he can't breathe he feels that he is dying by the hands of the muscle attacker; in a last effort Adam extends his arm and gets a hold of a knife which he jams into BF's gut; that does the trick, BF let's the hunk go and steps back as he feels the blade piercing his flesh and causing him a big deal of pain, Adam takes advantage of the situation and stabs him again and again, twisting the blade and jamming it as far as he can, making BF bleed and fall to the floor where Adam keeps the blade until BF stops moaning and moving.

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