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BF Paralyzes Pablo To Cut Him And Slice His Throat While Still Conscious

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Pablo wakes up one day, but only to fall asleep again when BF sneaks up from behind and chloroforms the cute twink; Pablo fights and tries to get away, but BF is too big for him and he falls unconscious in his arms. When Pablo wakes up, he is laying facing up in his underwear, but before he can get up BF injects him with a paralyzing toxin, powerful enough to immobilize his whole body, but leaving him conscious and, more importantly, aware of his body's receptors. BF tries to understand the human body at it's fullest and he takes a knife to cut Pablo's skin; Pablo moans and screams in pain, he begs his captor to stop and let him go, but BF keeps asking him how does it feel to be cut, fascinated with his reactions and his body, still, Pablo is not fully cooperative and BF deems it as a lost cause and proceeds to finish the young guy by slitting his throat from side to side, Pablo gurgles and moans one last time and BF leaves...looking for a new volunteer...

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