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Chad And Jake Series The Guys Are Chloroformed, Stripped and Strangled In Jock Straps By The Crazed Doctor

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Chad and Jake visit a doctor's clinic, Chad needs a check up as he busted his knees playing football. Jake joins him and they wait for a while, no one comes so Jake decides to look for the doctor. He walks into the corridor and is suddenly attacked by a doctor with a chloroform rag, he struggles and fights but is dragged away into the examination room. His unconscious body is laid down on the table and stripped by the doctor. Chad goes looking for Jake in his chair, he is chloroformed too and dragged away. The doctor examines Chad too, he touches his body and slowly removes his clothes, Chad awakens but is immediately chloroformed. Chad is pulled up and the slowly awakens in a dazed state, he neck is touched and he is chloroformed as he calls out for Jake. Chad passes out but Jake is awake, he cries out for help and is answered again with the rag. The doctor then manipulates Chad's neck before wrapping a cord around his neck and viciously strangling him. Chad slowly dies as he is choked by the cord. He fades away, his body limp. His head is moved around and then his body is set to rest. The doctor then moves onto Jake, he strangles him as he sits in a wheelchair. Jake's moves and scuffs his feet desperately, trying to get away but it's useless. He slowly dies, the doctor making sure the job is done before leaving the two bodies laying sprawled and broken.

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