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Chad And Jake Series The Guys Are Working Outside Then Are Chloroformed, Laid Out In A Morgue Then Are Hand Strangled Totally Naked Includes Bonus Chloroforming And Double Death


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Chad and Jake are working outside in a yard for their neighbor who is an undertaker. They are clearing leaves and raking grass in the hot summer heat. They are stripped down to their pants and work slowly. Suddenly, the undertaker steps out from the bushes and chloroforms Chad. He struggles to fight him, he is held tight in the arms of his killer. Chad slowly passes out, he is dragged away. Jake is still working, unaware of what happened to his friend. Suddenly he is attacked too, he is chloroformed and kicks and lashes out trying to scream for help but with each breath he slowly weakens and fades away. His limp body is dragged to the morgue. The two victims awaken inside, tied down to their morgue tables together with clothes over their genitals and their toes tagged. They look around in confusion as the masked undertaker watches them, he then wraps his hands around each of their throats. Jake and Chad wriggle and writhe, their genitals are exposed as they fight. They two young men suffering immensely, completely naked as they try desperately to fight their killer off. Chad and Jake kick their legs and thrust their pelvises. They lash out their bare feet but with all their struggling they simply lose their energy, slowly sinking into death. They both get weaker and weaker, eventually dying on the table with the hands still tight around their necks. The undertaker steps away and looks at the sprawled, dead, naked bodies. He then covers their genitals with a cloth and arranges the bodies.

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