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Choking Roommates Fight Ends With One Choking And Breaking His Friend's Neck With His Legs

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A young guy is getting ready to go outside bu he can't find his clothes, after some annoying time of his friend rambling about the matter, he admits that he tore them; his friend angry jumps over his friend and put him in a sleeperhold, he chokes and struggles hard but his friend won't let go, he feels lightheaded when the pressure around his neck is released, when he takes a breath and his friend is leaving he takes the chance to have his revenge and sleeper holds him this time, his bulging arms around his friends neck squeeze him not letting him breath, he tries to get aways but his friend catches him with his legs and start to choke him with his legs, not able to move nor to breath, the young guy starts getting weaker, but his friend wants to end it now and with a couple of tight squeezes of his legs he manages to brake his friend's neck on the spot, killing him instantly.

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