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Cowboy Is Shot, Stabbed And Strangled By Unknown Biker

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An innocent young cowboy foolishly accepts a duel, his wayward nature causes him to draw carelessly and he is shot twice in his body. His body pulses with each hit, the bullet ripping through his body. He slumps to his knees, defeated. His opponent comes around the back of him, he taunts him by toying with his head and throat before placing a cord around his neck and strangling him. The young cowboy hits out, gasping for air and digging his boots into the sand. He is pathetic, the killer keeps strangling the young man who continues to struggle. The killer grows tired and draws a short blade, he pushes into the young man's stomach repeatedly, each stab deeper than the last. The young man becomes weak, he slowly dies, drooling and spluttering as he fades to death. The body hangs lifeless with the cord keeping it upright, the killer lets him go, the body hits the dirt hard. His limbs are sprawled and twisted after the brutal attack and his eyes wide with his mouth open and tongue hanging loose.

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