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Cowboy Is Shot, Strangled, Stabbed And His Gun Belt Is Removed

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Two cowboys cross each other in a vast wilderness and both take an immediate dislike to each other. They turn and face, ready to draw. One of them reaches for his gun but his opponent is faster, he fires and strikes him in the shoulder, splattering blood out of his bullet hit as the slug tears clean through his body. The shooter steps up his game and approaches his victim, he wraps a cord around the victim's throat and begins to tighten it. The victim struggles on his knees, kicking up dirt and trying to break free. The attacker draws a blade, tired of his victim's struggle and gut stabs him, he twists the blade and keeps it embedded deep in his victim's leather clad torso. The victim slowly dies, dropping his limbs and head. The killer jerks his body around, toying with the body. He then drops the corpse to the ground and begins to remove his gun belt carefully, he peels away his winnings and then stands to leave. The body now lays alone, in the middle of nowhere, dead.

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