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Death Puppet Three - Two Rogue Robots Are Chloroformed And Strangled Repeatedly Nearly Naked On A Leather Couch

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The Death puppet returns, he chloroforms his robot partner and gets ready to murder him. He is suddenly attacked by the owner of the robots who notices they have gone haywire, he chloroforms his rogue robot and then drags both of them to the couch. He lays them down and strips them of their clothing. The two robots are then repeatedly strangled by their owner with a tight cord. They choke and splutter as he alternates between them, they kick out of their legs and lash at their owner but they are programmed not to fight back. They remain on the couch, slowly being killed by the deprave owner. With each round of strangulation the two robots become weaker and weaker, their faces become red and swollen as they are choked violently by the leather gloved killer. Slowly they begin to fade, they cannot take it anymore. One of the victims slowly passes away, his eyes wide and his face agonized. He drops dead, the cord wrapped tightly around his neck. The killer then moves on to finish the other bot, he chokes him again with the cord and pulls it tight. The vice like grip crushes his neck, he slowly dies as his air is cut off. The robot flops, laying sprawled and dead on the couch. The owner of the robots toys with his body, making sure he is dead. He leaves the scene, the two bodies laying broken and dead.

Length: 12:09

Method: Chloroform , Mannequins Living Dolls , Strangulation


Character: Model

Location: Other

Wardrobe: Underwear

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All models were 18 and over at the time of the creation of such depictions

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