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Death Puppet Two - The Death Puppet As An Australian Biker Chloroformed Stripped, Strangled Stabbed And Gets Revenge


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The second part of death puppet arrives, this time he talks to you. He knows his purpose, to entertain you and feed your fantasies. He is then attacked from behind with a chloroform rag and he inhales the fumes deeply. His eyes are wide and panicked as he tries to fight back but it is useless. He passes out and is dragged along the corridor and thrown to the bed. He is then stripped, removing his pants, socks and shirt. He lays unconcious as his body is manipulated. The killer then steps around, he sits on the bed and places the death puppet in his lap. He then begins to slowly strangle him with a cord, getting tighter and tighter. The death puppet struggles to fight back, he is gut punched multiple times by his killer and slowly he begins to fade. He dies on the bed, his eyes wide and his body limp. The killer sits up, the death puppet goes haywire and suddenly awakens and begins to attack. He violently gut stabs the killer and holds him tightly in his arms. The victim lets out a gasp, his pet robot is his killer. He slowly dies as the blade is dug deep into his stomach. The robot then takes the body to the maintenance room and treats it like his own pet robot, toe tagging the body and leaving it for the technician in the morning.

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All models were 18 and over at the time of the creation of such depictions

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