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Double Strangulation in Underwear


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A young man is in his apartment at night, he looks in the fridge and there is nothing to be seen. He is then attacked and chloroformed by his roommate. He slowly inhales the fumes and passes out. He collapses to the ground and crawls in a desperate attempt to escape from his attacker. As he gets further away the killer approaches him and suddenly he wraps a cord around the young man's throat, he immediately begins to choke and splutter. The attacker sits on top of his victim and relentlessly pulls the cord tighter into the young victim's neck. His eyes begin to bulge and his neck swells, the young man kicks out his bare feet and desperately tries to break free. It is of no use, with each movement he becomes weaker and eventually he dies. His tongue swollen and his eyes wide and bulging, his head is dropped to the floor. The killer sits victorious on top of his half naked victim but his victory is short lived when an unseen attacker in leather gloves wraps a cord around his neck and begins to throttle him. The young man claws and pulses, arching his back and pushing his chest out as the killer strangles him from behind. His eyes become large and and his mouth gapes open wide as he tries to suck in air. The cord is too tight, he begins to fade into death. He slowly slips away, his face and eyes hanging limp. His limbs fall to his side and the killer toys with the young man's head before pushing him down to the ground. The killer kicks over the first victim and looks at the two half naked bodies laying twisted and dead next to each other.

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