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Drunk Adam And Alex Have Fun Poking And Stabbing Each Other's Belly Buttons

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Adam and Alex had a wild night at a bar and Adam helps Alex to get to his place, wearing a cropped top both of them, Adam could get a good look at Alex's belly button and he was going to take advantage of his intoxicated state, poking and fingering his navel, but Alex was so wasted that he didn't notice, or maybe he did and enjoyed the moment. Adam helps Alex to sit on the couch and opens a can of soda, he pours a bit in Alex's belly button and proceeds to drink the small pool of soda directly from his navel with a straw, he does it several times and he enjoys it every single one, but he wants to put him to the test and jams a corkscrew in Alex's navel, twisting it and making Alex moan and suffer in pain, but Adam feels dizzy and falls to the floor weak and unable to move, Alex, preventing a scenario like this, put a drug prior hand in his navel and Adam drank it. Now it is time for Alex to punish Adam, punching him several times in his hard abs and sweet navel, be he won't make the same mistake, he pulls out a sword which he jams directly into Adam's belly button, bringing him to his limit, but when Alex walks away Adam jumps and jams the corkscrew back into Alex's navel, bringing both of the down to the floor where Adam takes the chance and stabs Alex with the sword. Alex, knowing that he is finished, decides to take his attacker with him, he pushed the sword further into his own navel impaling him and Adam with him, Adam screams and moans in shock at this action, but be can't move or pull it out since Alex is on top of him and pushing the sword into both of them until both cute guys slowly fade away.

Length: 17:53

Method: Gut Punching , Poison , Stabbing

Actors: Adam , Alex

Character: Model , Twisted

Location: Home

Wardrobe: Shirtless

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All models were 18 and over at the time of the creation of such depictions

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