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Ed Stabs, Throat Slits And Bleeds Edgar To Death

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Edgar is sleeping peacefully, but that peace is interrupted by Ed who without warning puts a rag with chloroform over Edgar's face and keeps it there until the guy is out cold. When Edgar wakes up, he is on a table, with a large set of knives to his side and with Ed trying to decide which one to use on him; Edgar demands an explanation and Ed tells him that his boss is not happy with him and that he was sent to take care of Edgar, but he wants to have fun as well, he cuts slice and stabs Edgar several times, prolonging his agony and suffering, making him scream, moan and twitch in pain. As much as Ed enjoys to inflict pain to his prey, he has other jobs to attend to, so to finish Edgar off and to make sure that he will be done, he slits his throat from side to side, Edgar gurgles and chokes with his own blood, foaming his own blood and remaining motionless.

Length: 16:46

Method: Bloody , Stabbing

Actors: Ed , Edgar

Character: Criminal

Location: Home

Wardrobe: Barefoot , Shirtless

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All models were 18 and over at the time of the creation of such depictions

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