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Francis Single Handedly Strangles And Punches His Roommates With Inhuman Power

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Francis got his hands on a powerful and mysterious drug, giving him tremendous strength but losing his mind. Kris hasn't seen Ed for a while and he's getting suspicious, especially from Francis, and he looks for his friend Thomas to ask him for help. Francis in the meantime, takes a large dose of his drug, to get the power and the strength that he needs to deal with his annoying roommate; he reaches him and immediately wraps his hands around his throat, pinning him against the wall and squeezing his neck with the aim to kill, Kris can't take his hands off of him and when he thinks it couldn't get worse, Francis tightens his grip and lifts him off the ground; Kris feels light-headed and he feels that he's almost gone, when Thomas steps out of the bathroom finding to his surprise such scene; Francis lets kris go and without warning pushes Thomas against the opposite wall where he punches him in the gut over and over and over; Thomas gasp as he gets suffocated by the powerful punches of his crazy and possessed roommate, he can't fight back and Francis doesn't show mercy or remorse on his actions as he watches his friend suffer and in pain with each powerful blow. Kris comes around and slowly stands up, but Francis grabs his neck with one hand, choking him while he punches Thomas with the other one. Francis tightest his grip and increases the power of his punches, making them gasp and cough, feeling how their lives slowly leave their bodies as the suffering elongates until finally, both expire, Francis, pleased with the outcome, leaves their mangled and bruised friends on the floor, without witnesses, now no one can stop him...

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