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Frat House Murder Dude Stabs A Brother Then Strangles The Witness


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Two frat brothers confront their drunken friend, they assume he had something to do with a car accident as he was drunk on the scene. The drunkard professes his innocence, standing half naked and unevenly between the two of them. His drunken rantings become too much, the two frat brothers attack the drunk and pin him against the wall. One of them draws a blade and threatens him, taunting him and saying he will cut off his nose. He slowly strokes the blade along the drunk friend's chest and then pulls his arm back, he rams it into the drunks gut. He lets out a gasp of shock, the blade is deep in his stomach. The other friend is horrified, the drunk lets out loud cries of pain and confusion as he bleeds out. He is stabbed over and over until he falls to the floor, he cries in agony and slumps to the ground. He lets out final cries of help, before pathetically whimpering and fading to death. His limbs and bare feet sprawled on the floor. The friend's sit down and panic, the other friend calls the police but his call is cut short when the attacker strangles him violently. He pins him to the couch as he kicks and flails his limbs in an attempt to break free. The grip is intense, growing tighter and tighter around his neck. The fingers crushing his throat, he slumps dead, his eyes rolled open and his mouth and tongue hanging loose

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