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Frat House Poker Game Massacre Part Two

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The second and final part of the massacre, the remaining trio sit down and play. One of the younger teens suddenly reacts, he strikes the older teen who murdered the others in the previous part with a glass bottle. He is stunned and thrown across the table. His shirt is ripped open and he is taunted and insulted. The teen begins to stuff a shirt in his mouth, the other teen grabs his legs and holds him down. The assault is vicious, the shirt is forcefully shoved down the young man's throat as he gags and chokes with each inch that is rammed down. His eyes are wide and horrified as he is forced to swallow the entire shirt. He dies, his limbs twitch and he lays sprawled across the table top. In his mouth, the corner of a shirt cuff pokes out. He is dead, the two teens begin to leave the apartment but suddenly the first victim comes back to life. He lunges up and grabs the two teens by the throat, he slams one of them into the door stunning him and begins to drown the other in the kitchen sink. The victim lashes out, his arms flailing as he tries to push himself away from the basin. The more water he splashes out, the harder it is to get a grip on the wet surface. He twitches and pulses as he drowns, slowly he dies. His dead body is pulled up, he is floppy and devoid of life. The killer toys with his head as the water comes flowing out of his dead mouth and his wet wide eyes stare into nothingness. The body is placed back into the sink and the killer then moves onto the final victim. He grabs him by the throat and lifts him, choking him against the wall with his bare hands. The young victim gasps and cries as the grip throttles him. The killer then grabs a blade on the surface of the side cabinet and rams the blade into his victim's gut. He lets go and steps back, dazed and weakened, his adrenaline rush over. The killer collapses to the ground dead. The victim watches on in horror as his bare gut bleeds out and he slumps to the ground, he lets out faint whimpers before finally giving his dead friends one last look. His head slumps to the side as he dies, eyes wide and body sprawled and bloody.

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