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Gladiator Fantasy Young Warrior Is Stabbed Right In The Navel

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Three friends are enjoying a nice afternoon break in the Jacuzzi, they begin to talk about history class and soon talk about Gladiators. Each one believes he alone can beat the others in a battle to the death. These beliefs are put to the test in a fantasy scenario where two of the young freshmen battle in Gladiator clothes, sandals and tunics. They clash blades repeatedly the battle appearing to be evenly matched until one of the teen's slips, his blade falling to the ground. The other teen mercilessly rams his blade into in the gut of the disarmed teen. The victim lets out a cry and gasp as the sword is pushed into his navel. He looks up, his attacker pushes in deeper eventually piercing through his body completely. The blade sticks out of his back and to inflict more pain on his victim the blade is twisted. The young man lets out cries of agony, he becomes weak as he is bled to death. His face becomes sloppy and dazed. He collapses to his knees, the attacker follows him down and watches his opponent fade to death. His dead body slumped with the blade still embededded in his gut. He pulls the blade out, the body collapsing down to the grass. Eyes wide and limbs spread, he is dead.

Length: 04:35

Method: Bloody , Stabbing

Actors: Greg

Character: Gladiator

Location: Outdoors

Wardrobe: Leather , Shirtless

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All models were 18 and over at the time of the creation of such depictions

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