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Handsome Fitness Model Is Chloroformed, Strangled And His Body And Feet Touched

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A young model is trying to sleep after an intense night out on the town, it is day but he still has no energy to get up. Something stirs him briefly so he sits up to investigate, suddenly he is set upon by a stalker. He is knocked out and his limp body is thrown onto the bed, whilst he lays dazed on the bed the stalker searches through his belongings. The model musters up his strength and reaches out for his phone, the stalker snaps into action by wrapping a cord around the throat of the model and dragging im down to the bed. He is strangled viciously by the relentless and emotionless stalker. He kicks out his bare legs and feet at the end of the bed. Each twist of his body simply making the cord tighter on his neck. He claws at the garotte and his attacker and eventually the stalker becomes tired, he draws a blade and gut stabs his victim's taut stomach. He lets out cries of pain, his face reddened and strained. He splutters and his face swells, he becomes weak and fades into death with the cord still tight on his throat. The stalker gets up, he manipulates the body of his victim. Touching his hands and feet to savour his victim, worshipping his prey.

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All models were 18 and over at the time of the creation of such depictions

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