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Hitman BF Chloroforms And Tortures Pablo

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BF has been looking for Pablo for a long time and he finally found him, it took him so long that he doesn't want to end him just like that, he wants to enjoy every second of it. BF sneaks into Pablo's home and makes sure to knock him out with chloroform, Pablo is caught off guard and he inhales the fumes which drive him unconscious. BF wants to take his time, so, he ties Pablo's feet and arms to a chair, immobilizing the young guy. When Pablo wakes up, BF teases him with a screwdriver and even a corkscrew, but he wants to have fun with him before finishing him off, BF wraps a rope around Pablo's slender neck and pulls it tight choking him; Pablo can't do anything to defend himself or resist,  he struggles and moves in the chair, but his bounds won't loosen while the rope around his throat tightens more and more, however BF has more stuff to do, and as fun as it is, he knows that he has to finish, he takes the corkscrew and inserts it on the side of Pablo's head, piercing him and making him suffer even more, he twists and jams the corkscrew as Pablo begs, moans and cries for mercy, but it is no long until he succumbs to the pains and remains limp, tied up and gone.

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