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Hot Guy Is Suffocated To Death By A Young Thug With His Hand Over His Mouth

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A thug, young but ambitious brakes into a house where he is determined to get something good, a guy, resident of the place finishes taking a shower when the thug is in the middle of his deed, he hides and surprises the cute guy with a rag with chloroform, they struggle and roll around the bed, but the more they do it the more the guy inhales the fumes and falls unconscious, things have gotten tougher for the thug who uses his own shirt to tie the guy up and waits for him to come around and interrogate him about the combination of the safe, the guy says that he doesn't know it but the thug doesn't believe him and puts his hand over his mouth and nose suffocating the guy, he gasps and trashes around in desperation for not being able to get any air, the thug releases him to ask again and again, but every time the guy denies it until he confesses that he is not telling him anything, so he is of not good use for the thug and decides to end him, he places his hand over his mouth and nose, keeping it tight and squeezing his face, suffocating the guy and what seems to be an eternal agony, but he's not eternal, he feels light headed for the lack of oxygen and falls unconscious to not wake up again....

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