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Johny And Ian's Gladiator Fantasy, Ian Stabs Johny With Two Swords

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Johny is enjoying an epic movie full wiht gladiator fights, but his roommate Ian is not buying it, he even says that he would be abel to defeat any of the fighters and even Johny himself, Johny laughs at the thought, but he thinks about it, he pictures himself and Ian as gladiators, ready to fight with swords in hand and aiming for the kill, both of them clash their blades, moving around, trying to find their chance to strike, Ian is the one who finds the sweet spot and brings Johny to his knees, Ian places himself behind Johny and wraps his hands around his neck, squeesing the life out of the hot gladiator, Johny gasps and get weaker and weaker for the lack of oxygen, but Ian wants to end him as a warrior, he lets him go and goes for the sword which he jams in Johny's navel, Johny moans in pain as the blade gets pushed into his guts, he gets even weaker as the pain engulfs him, but Ian isn't finished yet, he reaches yet for the other sword and without mercy stabs Johny in his chest, pushing and twisting the blade, Johny can't take off the first sword and he suffers even further witht the second blade piercing his chest, he can't take it any more and he slowly dies...apparently Ian was right...

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