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Josh Stalker Hunts Down Sammy on the Vegas Casino Floor

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Josh gets to a casino and spots Sammy, a young, well built and naive guy who was just looking for a good time at Las Vegas. Josh stalks him and he manages to take him to his room where he chloroforms him with a rag over his mouth and nose, Sammy tries to fight but he only inhale the fumes which make him loose consciousness. Josh strips Sammy and himself from their shirts, proceeds to place a cord around Sammy's neck and starts to strangle the life out of the poor guy, Josh pulls with all his might and he enters to a state of ecstasy while doing it, enjoying every moment of Sammy’s suffering, choking and kicking efforts to resist the choke, but the only thing he accomplishes is to loose his shoes just before he runs out of power and finally goes limp over Josh's lap. Not being enough and to make sure that the deed was done, Josh take the cable of a lamp and electrocutes to Sammy, he shivers and his mouth starts to foam until he finally dies. Josh is pleased with his action, but he is not satisfied yet....he will look for someone else....

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