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Kyle's Christmas Nightmare

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It's almost Christmas, the days are short and the nights are cold. But it's the season to be jolly, Kyle arrives at an apartment of Mr. Jenkins, the neighbour below him. He is cocky and asks for money for his high school football team's fundraiser. The neighbour watches him silently, suddenly a masked killer grabs Kyle from behind and strangles him into submission. It was a fantasy, but it's soon to come true, the door is locked and Jenkins chloroforms Kyle, they struggle in the kitchen and then fall down into the wheelchair. Kyle slowly passes out and is then placed in the lap of the killer as he watches an old Christmas classic … Kyle awakens after his shirt is removed and then he is strangled by the old man. Kyle awakens again and is chloroformed, his body is then placed in a chair at the table with the old man. Kyle awakens after the old man leaves and begins to make a lot of noise, bad move, the killer steps out and chloroforms Kyle. Kyle is then dragged away and placed on a bed in his underwear, the old man touches Kyle's body and he cries out, begging for mercy. He is answered with brutal hand strangulation. The old man then removes his tie and strangles Kyle one last time, putting him to sleep … he awakens on Christmas day and Jenkins with a Santa hat is there. In Jenkin's eyes, Kyle has been a bad boy … so what's his gift? A gut stabbing with a large sword. The blade rams into his navel, blood pooling out onto the bed as he chokes in shock and pain. Mr Jenkins sits and watches on as his victim slowly dies. But, the story isn't over … It's just a dream … or is it? … Merry Christmas everyone.

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