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Lance Miniaturizes Scotty, Swallows Him And Slowly Digests Him

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Lance is woken up by a big noise, it was Scotty who slammed the door, he was escaping from people who were chasing him, when Lance asks him what is going on, Scotty explains that he was looking for his cousin Scott who had disappeared, he tracked him down a secret facility and took a device they were working on. Lance asks him to let him take a look at it, but Scotty is paranoic and refuses, Lance puts Scotty in a sleeperhold and chokes him until he submits. Scotty warns him to be very careful, but Lance activates the device, points it at Scotty and he is miniaturized before him, when he tries to revert it, he doesn't find a way to do it; someone knocks at the door and Lance needs to hide Scotty, but he didn't have any pockets since he was in his underwear, but he has an idea, he proposes Scotty to hide him for a moment inside his mouth, reluctantly Scotty agrees after seeing that he has no other option, that's when Adam storms in pushing and pinning Lance against the wall, but he did it with such force that Lance accidentally swallows Scotty, Adam looks around, finds the device and he notices the gurgling coming from Lance's stomach, connecting the dots Adam laughs and proceeds to chloroform Lance; he struggles and tries to break free, but Adam holds him down, pushing a rag with chloroform against his face, covering his mouth and nose, making sure that the young guy inhales the fumes until he falls unconscious. Adam lays him on the floor and leaves him, knowing that he won't remember anything and by then, Scotty will be already digested by his friend, Scotty screams and shouts inside Lance's stomach, he's choking and pleas his friend to let him out, but on the outside Lance is fast asleep and with his stomach grunting and gurgling.

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