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Luis Turns Joe Into A Mannequin Then He Gropes And Plays With The Hunk

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Joe is packing up panicked, and for good reason, he screwed up a big drug deal and he knows that someone will stop by to give him a lesson, he is about to leave when Luis shows up, he told Joe that he will be given a chance to make things right, Joe leans over to hear the new deal, but Luis takes the chance to inject a serum on Joe's neck, the serum converts Joe into a human mannequin; before delivering Joe to his boss, Luis wants to have a bit of fun with him, he manipulates his body, setting him in many poses, and slowly strips him down to his underwear, all the while Joe can do nothing bot to grunt, complain and move his eyes from side to side in protest, Luis crosses the line when he starts to grope Joe's butt and junk, but now that he has had his fun, he is ready to tell his boss that he can pick up his new sex doll, btu the boss had other plans, he sent Rob to finish the job...with joe unable to move, Rob places a rope around his neck and tightens it, Joe chokes and gasps, and as the life is leaving his body, the effects of the serum fade as well, but it is too late for Joe, who is now too weak to fight back and slowly dies.

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