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Martial Arts Murder Two Fit Guys Fight Then One Is Brutally Strangled

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Two martial artists become angered with each other after a heated dispute. They attack each other viciously with batons and dodge each blow until one of them finally slips, the winner takes the opportunity and begins to strangle the loser with his baton, crushing his throat with an intense grip. The young teen coughs and splutters, his face swollen and his eyes terrified. He struggles to break free but after a powerful push he breaks free. He takes a big gasp of air and lifts his baton and assaults his attacker brutally, he overpowers him and then begins to strangle him with the baton, the loser having now turned into the final victor. He relentlessly pulls the baton tight against the throat of the loser and crushes the life out of him as he gasps and coughs for air. His eyes are wide and he becomes panicked, he claws and tries to fight back but it is no use. He fades into death, with his eyes wide and pained. His body is thrown heavily to the ground and the winner leaves the body laying flat and sprawled on the gym floor.

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