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My Dirty Pot Cop

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JAYJAY is normally a very laid back, friendly sort of kid. But this night he’s out for total revenge on a certain crooked local cop. Days earlier the cop caught JAYJAY mellowing out, toking on a doobie of PURPLE KUSH,  an exotic, potent variety of highly prized pot.  There was no need for the humiliating search during which the cop manhandles and strips JAYJAY. He pulls the kid’s jeans and underwear down to his knees and obviously gets off probing the kid’s private parts.  JAYJAY hid his treasured stash of PURPLE KUSH in his boots. When he refuses the cop’s order to pull them off, the cop knocks JAYJAY out, pulls the kid’s boots off, and steals the kid’s stash of prized weed. .When JAYJJAY wakes up alone,  he finds himself half-stripped, his socked feet hanging out the open door of his truck. And that is why now JAYJAY IS BENT ON PAYBACK REVENGE!  

Length: 11:45


Actors: BootLust




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