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One Hand To Kill Them All, Rob Single Handedly Kills His Roommates

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Alan, Edgar and Ed dared Rob to do an impossible jump, and now he has his right arm injured, he has been training his left arm, his sinister arm, working on his strength and a death grip; his anger has been building up, and when Alan comes by and teases him a bit, Rob explodes and uses his trained death grip to suffocate Alan putting his hand over his mouth; Alan tries to push him off, but he can't get his deadly hand off of him, he can't even scream or call for help, Rob uses his full body and strength to control, pin down and suffocate Alan until he can no longer breathe; Rob moves on to Edgar now, he finds him working out and tells him that he's been doing the same and he's prepared to show the results, by punching him in the gut, over and over, harder and harder; with just one fist, Rob manages to push Edgar's breathe out of his body, keeping him bent in pain, his gut bruised, limp and spread across the floor when Rob finishes him off; finally Rob goes to Ed, who heard the scandal but didn't care, when he asked Rob about what was happening, Rob responds by grasping his throat with his sinister hand and pining him against the wall, Ed tries to brake free but Rob is crushing his windpipe and closing his air supply

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