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Out Of Control Hazing United Kingdom Pledgemaster And Russian Stud Are Strangled


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An overly serious pledge master gets annoyed with his stud buddy. A rival pledge master sneaks behind the two and chloroforms the two as they sit in their chairs. They both struggle violently but it's useless, they slowly pass out as the fumes knock them unconscious. The two bodies are then dragged away to the bedroom and the duo awaken, stripped to their underwear and tied down to the bed. Over the top of them stands their rivals, the pledge master is then violently choked by the rival until his face turns bright red. The cord is then pulled away from his neck and he is allowed to breath. The other rival then cord strangles the russian stud who wriggles on the bed in a pathetic attempt to break free, his strength is useless as the cord strangles the life out of him. The two victims are strangled over and over as they cry and writhe in agony from the brutal strangulation assaults they are subjected to. The two victims die slowly and even though they break free, it is useless as they are too weak. the killers laugh and toy with their dead bodies and one of the killers gut punches his victim's corpse several times. The two killers then leaves the scene, their victims laying brutally killed on the bed.

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